Friday, June 5, 2009

Kung Poop

Did anybody else noticed that David Carridine was found dead in, was it Thailand? Anyway, he was found hanging in a closet. Does this sound suspicious or what. Hanged himself in a closet? Why the hell would you do it in a closet. Ok yeah, the clothes bar to tie the rope to, but shit, he'd have to bend his knees, and he was a tall guy. Something's not right here. Not that I give a shit. I never liked the guy, or his whole family for that matter. The old man was way too fucking creepy. And then David, I always thought he was gay. He gave me the willies. And the brothers, in the worse fucking movies every, including Indian movies (as in India, not Apache...I kinda like Apache movies).

Well, I guess David finally came out of the closet.

And, I like's called, "Did you ever notice people in Kung Fu Movies look like they're trying to take a dump"


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Brain juice

Looked up forgetfulness. One piece of advice was, do mental exercises for the brain, such as a crossword puzzle. I did a crossword. It didn't work.

I put on so much weight because of my medications, that I had to get suspenders. My pants are still falling down. I can't remember where I put my suspenders.

My wife told me I have plumbers butt because my pants are falling down. I told her to go find my suspenders. She told me to do a crossword.

I didn't go to my last high school reunion. Someone sent me pictures on my computer though. I kept thinking, who the hell are all these old people. WTF?

Cant remember what else I was going to tell you.